Who Are We?

We are an private agency located in the Riviera Maya, recently founded by a group of guys from Barcelona, which makes us a young and entrepreneurial company able to fully meet the needs of our customers, fulfilling with all expectations ´cause we have special care in all small details that will make your tours full of comfort, fun, satisfaction and learning.

We have all kinds of permits and insurance to offer the best experience and tranquility for your trip, We wIll make sure that your stay In the RIvIera Maya wIll be very pleasant, thank you for your confidence and willingness to make this possible.


Our mission is to maximize your time in the Riviera Maya, as we know that time is limited and there are many places that you want to enjoy, so it is important for the passenger to have professional services and skilled, friendly and wIllIng people, to help you find places, knowledge, secrets and fun of Mayan culture.

All our tours are 100% custom made and the number of travelers is limited, so we can offer each the attention it requires


We want to be the best Agency, so we can share with our travelers how much Mayan culture can offer, getting people to travel with us and gettIng them get closer wIth our customs, culture and cuisine, providing them wIth all services and assistance necessary to make it so.


ProvidIng an unforgettable experience, after meeting and enjoyIng our wildlife, flora, beaches and activities that encloses the Riviera Maya and the Mexican culture in general.

We are at your disposal to support you and provide the facilities and the time needed to make this trip rewarding and also to full fill your expectations.

We want your stay to be pleasant so you can visit us more than once and discover how much we have to offer., Knowing that you will always be welcome and at all times there wIll be more actIvItIes to be done and magical place that meet .